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When we learn the secret of being happy is not in possessing but giving; that making others happy we will make happy ourselves“ (A. Gide)

Altego Foundation“ is a non-profit organization established by the company which that it shares the same name, i.e. a successful consulting, training and coaching Altego s.r.o. – communication in business and management.

Through the foundation activities we would like to bring together individuals and companies willing to participate in projects oriented to helping humans and cooperate in providing assistance to children. All foundation activities specifically concentrate on "Help children who suffered serious accidents" and "Personal development of children". The goal is to do our best to approximate the life after accident to the life before; to provide both psychological and material help. The child supported by our project will be more independent, in control of his or her handicap and flexible when grows up.

As of December 1999 the foundation organized over ten integrative stays with specific development programs for both handicapped and healthy children. During the stays they develop their social skills, understand and self-present themselves, practice empathy, tolerance, teamwork and enjoy synergy.

Thanks to the financial support of donors and favorers the foundation equipped the rehabilitation ward of Children University Hospital in Brno, which we have been closely cooperating, with a vital video technology and laser scanner for pain-free treatment of damaged tissues, fractures, etc. We have recently donated the equipment Phyaction- 787 for electro therapy and electro stimulation to the same hospital. The foundation participated in equipping the room of the spinal unit in Hamzova Children Medical Institution in Luže – Košumberk. At the time of floods we delivered the dryers to the citizens of Bechyně in Southern Bohemia.

Under cooperation with a reputable solicitors´ office the foundation provides free of charge legal consultancy. Such a service is content unique. We provide consultations in damage to health claims to socially needed population. The experienced solicitors having a history in that legal field provide the families with help to receive their rightful compensation which they invest in after the accident care, to receive indemnification according the terms and conditions of the insurance contracts and so on.

We are much obliged to all who help. Small drops are needed to make a sea ...

Guiding principles of Altego FOUNDATION:

We are a non-profit organization and the finance we collect is used to help the children. Each donation is invested in a clear and specific manner and each donor may verify his or her donations that had been invested in the specific project, for example the donor may review the annual report (economy of the foundation has been inspected yearly and audit has been carried out by an independent company as well). The donation may be deducted in the tax return which reduces the tax base collectible.

If you are interested in any of our projects, we will be happy to provide you more ample information about the ways of assistance and we shall find the way of cooperation to suit your expectations.